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Every Family Needs a Support System, We Provide One a Little More Creative
Austin Angels' Love Box: We are in the process of partnering with Austin Angels to provide a monthly box of art/music supplies, treats, and a journal brought to the participant's home by their creative mentor who will then spend time with them to complete a creative project together using the art/music supplies.  The Knoxville chapter of the organization is in the process of getting started, but for now we are utilizing their structure to provide creative resources to families coping with trauma.
Tell Your Family's Story to Find Encouragement: Another support we can offer is a song, painting, photograph, drawing, or maker product which tells your family's story and encourages you to keep on and stay strong even through the hard times.
Mentors: Our creative support systems can provide your family with mentorships for a child or teen in your home who might be coming from a hard place.  Our mentors will teach your family a little of what they use to cope with life situations and provide someone outside of the family to guide them in life.  Our mentors are well trained and background checked who will be linked up with your family based on needs and the personality of the child or teen.

MORE THAN A VILLAGE is an inclusive community for any family or teen coping with trauma who would like to learn how they can use creative coping skills to heal and keep peace in their lives.  We do not discriminate based on past, gender, or sexual orientation.

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Family Application

Tell us a little about your family:
Who are the children in the home and what are their interests?
If your children have a caseworker, what is their name(s) and number?
What kind of pizza does your family like?