Find Your Story, Make it Creative!​​
What connects our creatives, families, social workers, counselors, and supporters together!
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Foundational Talks:  We are working hard to set up a series of talks at local tattoo shops, chiropractic offices, music/art stores, libraries, social work/counseling centers, and churches to show our community how creative coping skills can help people cope with tough life situations.  Check out our Facebook page for a list of our scheduled talks!
Maker Story Creative​:  We have an etsy shop now with home decor products to facilitate telling your story and expressing emotions in a healthy and safe way!  Please, check us out and purchase a product to help us provide more workshops and supplies for those coping with trauma!  All the profits go directly to us to build up our city of creatives and trauma victims (Foster Care, Adoption, Human Trafficking, Depression, Anger, Abuse, etc.).
BBQ Investor Gatherings: Sold on our plan to grow our city and want your friends/neighbors/co-workers to get in on helping us either financially or through volunteering? We can attend a BBQ at your home with friends to have fun and talk about how they can invest in our city of creatives!  To find out more, you can call (865)210-8643 or e-mail [email protected].