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A Safe Place to Learn, Cope, and Create Together
Closed Facebook Group: One way to get involved with COR Collective is through our  closed group on faceboook.  This group is designed to be a conversation starter about how the creative pursuits have helped them get through and cope with difficult life situations.  This is also where we will gather the majority of our information/advice for where we should take this city of creatives.
Creative Mindfulness Workshops: Another objective we have is to show how mindfulness and creative coping skills can help someone cope with a tough life situation or emotion.  Most of these workshops will try to combine multiple creative mediums (visual art, music, maker arts) in order to build community and unite them together.  As soon as we get enough interest, we will start to set up some workshops for our creatives to learn how they can use their creativity to cope themselves or help someone else they know to use healthy creative coping skills.   If you are interested in finding out when those will be, join our closed group on faceboook or follow us on instagram.  
Interactive Concerts/Shows: ​The last objective we have is to create something that is bigger than just one person could create.  This is why we will be holding monthly interactive concerts and shows to highlight two musicians/bands, one artist, and one maker.  These creatives will show the participants what they have been working on and then give them a chance to collaborate with them or create something together based on a theme. If you are interested in finding out when those will be, join our closed group on faceboook or follow us on instagram.  If you would like to be showcased in one of the upcoming shows, e-mail [email protected] or call 865-210-8643.

COR Collective is an inclusive community for any creative wanting to belong and learn from each other, regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs.

Creative Mindfulness Workshops Coming Soon!
We are working hard to put together workshops that combine different creative pursuits to forge and strengthen relationships within the creative community.
We Need Your Input!
What would you like to learn about or play with to hone your creative skills?  How can we help you connect with people who can support and accept you as you are?  E-mail [email protected] to share your input!
October Interactive Concert
Coming October 23rd from 7p-10p at The Birdhouse Community Center (in the 4th and Gill Neighborhood) , our next gathering of creatives will take place!  Stay tuned with more details when they are finalized!

Artist of the Month

Tod Sheley
A  freelance photographer and proud Knoxvillian. he loves capturing the beauty of East Tennessee and all it has to offer with lakes, barns, old churches and southern charm. He was born with Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) that left him with "Specific learning disability" with blindness in his left eye and his right eye has color vision deficiency. He never let that stop him and we think it has made him the man he is today.  If you would like to check out some of his artwork, click on the image to the left and it will take you to his website!

Musician of the Month

Maker of the Month

Monsters Made With Love
Laurie Kay teaches sewing classes with a self-love twist.  She uses monster kits to show people that it is ok to fail and to look within for the good things you like about yourself.  Sewing a monster isn't perfect and that is what makes it special.  If you would like to set up a workshop or buy a kit to make on your own, just click on the image to the left and it will take you to the Monsters Made with Love website!