What does creativity have to do with controlling anger issues, depression, or anxiety?  Why would two foster parents who are already busy enough decide to start an organization innovative and independant enough to redefine what a wrap-around service looks like for those often left out in the community?  

Kyle and Elizabeth Ford saw a gap in the mental health and social work fields through their work as foster parents in Tennessee, leading them to spend time and energy into filling that gap.  City of Refuge, Inc. was created with a desire to help maximize the stability of the home life for adolescents coping with trauma and minimize the amount of disruptions due to their negative behaviors.
Two observations frame who City of Refuge, Inc. is.  First, it seems that more and more adolescents have no healthy adult relationship outside of their families.  In the lives of those in traumatic life situations, it gets worse with more healthy and safe adults in their lives getting paid to be there.  ​​ ​Secondly, the creative pursuits have been scientifically proven to calm the brain and help anyone express themselves and see how the pieces of their lives fit together to complete something bigger than their situation they are in.

City of Refuge, Inc. was incorporated in July 2016 and we have been working hard to build our city of creatives, therapists, social workers, foster parents, and foster teens to collaborate, cope, and connect together.  We have a long journey ahead of us, but further along than when we started.
Our City of Creatives
One Community. One Organization. Something Bigger Than Us All.
Our city of creatives are committed to supporting our local creative community, mental health/social work community, and adolescents coping with trauma.  

These are the creatives, therapists, social workers, and foster parents who have contributed/are contributing in some way to our initiatives, events, or programming.  We owe them all a debt of graditude for what they have done/are doing for City of Refuge, Inc.