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No one is an island.  We all need connection, support, and help from each other.  Not only this, but no organization is an island.  Our founders cannot do this on their own (believe me, they have tried).  We need a city of creatives, social workers, therapists, event planners, parents, and former foster/adoptive teens to make our programs strong/unique/successful.  Please, join us in making this city full of strong and mindful people who use creativity to cope with any difficult life situation/trauma that comes their way.

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What does a musician, a watercolor artist, and a metalworker have in common?  They each use creativity and art to express themselves and make sense of the world around them.  COR Collective is our city of creatives gathering together to build community, show each other their creative pursuits, and learn how they can use their creativity and art to help others around them.

COR Collective


Place creative coping skills and a support system for families/individuals coping with trauma together and More than a Village is what you get! This program aims to equip those coping with traumatic life situations (foster care, adoption, anger, depression, human trafficking, etc.) with creative tools they can use to find their story, use their story to heal, and de-escalate themselves in the difficult moments.  We offer workshops and mentorships with local professional creatives to build a community of strong, healthy, and mindful families, teens, and young adults.

More Than a Village


Just like we need people to assist us in our programs, we also need people who believe in what we do to financially support our programs in whatever way they can.  Wither it is through our home decor products in Maker Story Creative, our Foundational Lecture series, or our BBQ Investor gatherings, our financial supporters invest in our city and allow it to grow!

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City of Refuge Inc.

City of Refuge, Inc. exists to unite local creatives (artists, muscians, and makers); using this collective to strengthen families/individuals coping with trauma (foster, adoptive, bio, human trafficking victims, etc.) by the example of their creative coping skills.

 A 501(c)3 organization

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