It takes more than a village... it takes a city!

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Looking for ways you can give back to the community or help those who are broken and left out find the creative outlet they need to cope with trauma, depression, or just getting dealt a bad hand in life?  We have many ways you can do just that while becoming a part of a community of artists, musicians, and makers devoted to using their skills to provide love and hope for others!



What does a musician, a watercolor artist, and a metalworker have in common?  They each use creativity and art to express themselves and make sense of the world around them.  COR Collective is our city of creatives which gather together to build community, show each other their way of expressing themselves, and learn how they can use their creativity and art to help other people around them.

COR Collective

Project: More Than a Village

Place artistic coping skills and a support system for families together and Project: More than a Village is what you get! Project: More than a Village connects at least five creatives (artists, musicians, and makers) with a family coping with trauma (foster care, adoption, at-risk) to build a support system for them and teach artistic coping skills the family can use to stay strong and together. This support system would provide mentorship, workshops, songs/art/maker products to encourage the family, respites for the parent(s), and concerts to bring about community within the support system.

Project: More Than a Village

Bringing Our City Together

Our city of creatives, social workers, therapists, and families coping with trauma get together through events and gatherings to support each other and build a community which encourages healthy artistic  coping skills and creating their story.

Connect the City

City of Refuge Inc.

City of Refuge, Inc. exists to collaborate with local creatives (artists, muscians, and makers); using this collective to strengthen families (foster, adoptive, at-risk) by the example of their artistic coping skills.

 A 501(c)3 organization

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